Walt Disney World allows parents of special needs children to use a stroller as wheelchair. To help Cast Members differentiate your stroller from others, you can stop by Guest Relations at any of the parks and get a tag. This tag in conjunction with your Guest Assistance Card, will insure that your stroller is treated like it is a wheelchair allowing you to use special entrances as needed. It also means your child can stay in the stroller in queues when other strollers have to be parked. It also gives you access to the wheelchair seating at attractions and at parades.

If you are planning on using a stroller as a wheelchair for your child at Walt Disney World make sure you:

  • Stop by guest relations and pick up a Guest Assistance Card. The type of card you get will depend on the needs of your child.
  • Also ask for the red stroller as a wheelchair tag.
  • When you come to attractions that have stroller parking, just show the tag and your Guest Assistance Card to Cast Members.
  • On attractions where the loading and unloading areas are in different places, the Cast Members will take your stroller to unloading area for you.
  • If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask a Cast Member.
Special thanks to Without a Care in the World for the photo.

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