Training for Disney

On our last trip to Disney I learned something, I am so out of shape. When we travel by car we usually take my two wheelchairs, the old clunky one that Drew can push easily with hard tires and my more aerodynamic wheelchair that is lighter, easier for me to use, and has air tires. I decided I wanted to use the latter because I like that chair so much better and I prefer doing things myself anyways.

The Battlefield

Day one went fine but I my arms and shoulders were pretty sore that night but I felt okay in the morning. By day four though the soreness just wasn’t going away. That is when I knew I needed to train for Disney. Its something I needed to do anyway but its easier to do with a goal in mind. This morning we started with a nice 2 mile walk/roll at a local park and I am going to start my strength training this week.

Hey, where’s Perry?

So the goal is to be able to roll around the World as much as I want with no soreness or pain this time. I am also hoping this keeps a rotator cuff injury at bay. That is not a surgery I want to have. And if I happen to lose a little weight along the way, bonus! Since working out in a wheelchair is different I will keep you posted on the details amd let you know what exercises are working so check back here each Monday for updates.

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  1. Bird on April 4, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Good thinking ahead! Good luck!

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