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Test Track was one of those attractions that I was sure I couldn’t experience. Luckily we chatted with an awesome Cast Member one day and found out I was wrong.  While the it’s not the easiest, the boarding and transferring process for wheelchair users was well thought out. Find out what you can expect on your visit.

The Basics

Location: Epcot – Future World
Height Requirement: 40in (102cm) or taller
Accessibility: Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV
FastPass: Avaialble
Who Should Ride: Great for anyone who loves thrill rides.


To enter you go through either the standby queue or schedule a FastPass+. FastPasses are tiered at Epcot so you’ll have to choose between Soarin’, Frozen Ever After, and Test Track. None of these attractions are really easy for wheelchair users to board. Soarin’ is the easiest for us but I like the boarding process for Test Tack. If you want to use your FastPass on a different attraction make sure to head over to Test Track first thing in the morning.

Test Track

The queue is pretty easy to get through. There are some ramps but none are too steep. You may end up waiting a few minutes on one so be prepared. Putting my wheelchair at an angle helps me or I use the the poles for the hand rails to keep me from rolling away. It helps save my arm strength for later. I don’t tend to use my brakes because you never know when the line will start moving again.

Test Track

The Design Center is the part of the queue where you will design your car for the attraction. I’ve only been through the FastPass queue but the monitors were low so it was easy for me to use them. You don’t have to design anything if you don’t want to put it helps pass the time.

Ride Vehicle

The practice vehicle is no longer available. I am hoping at some point it returns since it was a great way to get an idea of how to transfer.  The photo below is of the practice vehicle so you can get idea of what the ride vehicle looks like. The car was about the same height as my wheelchair so it was pretty easy for me to transfer to the side and then lower myself in.

Test Track

The sign says that you should be able to transfer within 30 seconds but don’t let that worry you. The Cast Members at Test Track have always been very patient and accommodating. You don’t need to hurry, 30 seconds is longer than you think. And you don’t have to get into the ride vehicle how it is described if there is a way that is easier for you.

Test Track

There is an additional grab bar that you can request for the Sim Car (ride vehicle). I felt comfortable with the seat belt, it goes across your chest and it kept me stable. There is also a grab bar next to the seat that I used. There are a few sudden stops so if you are worried I would go ahead and request it.


Next stop is the loading area for the attraction. In main loading area the Sim Car sits really low and you would need to step down into it. If that isn’t a problem for you you can board the attraction here. It is also where you exit so your wheelchair would be waiting for you when you got back.

Accessible Attractions | Test Track

If, like me, you can’t step into or out of the Sim Car, tell the Cast Member you need to load in the seat belt check area. (They may take you there automatically but if not ask.) You’ll be taken over to a spot to wait for a Cast Member. You will take a lift down to the seat belt check area. It isn’t huge so if you are with a large party some of them may need to take the steps to meet you. The Cast Member will control the lift for you so you don’t have to worry about that.

Accessible Attractions | Test Track

This photo is from the old version of the ride but the seat belt check area is the same. They will bring a Sim Car there for you to board. It’s a lot easier to load here because the car will be closer to the height of your wheelchair, just like the practice vehicle outside. They will keep your wheelchair there so when the ride is over you will pass through where everyone else exits and go back to the seat belt check area. Once you are back in your wheelchair they will take you back to the lift for you to exit.

Test Track


While Test Track isn’t the easiest attraction when it comes to transferring I would definitely give it a try. Just remember if you need extra help make sure that there is someone in your party that can help. Cast Members are not allowed to assist you.

Accessible Disney Attractions - Test Track


  1. sallieMcG on May 29, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Is this more or less difficult than getting into a regular car?

    • Melissa on June 3, 2019 at 3:44 pm

      I would say it is more difficult because once you get onto the side of the ride vehicle you have to lower yourself down into the seat.

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