September/October 2012 Trip Report – Day Four

October 12, 2012

We actually slept in a little on day four, if you consider sleeping until 7:00 am sleeping in but at Disney it is! We did take things slow that morning, made coffee in the room, and Drew ran up to The Artist’s Palette to get us my favorite Disney breakfast, cheese danishes!

Our plan for the first part of the day was to rope drop the World Showcase and hit several of the Food and Wine booths. They have a great seating area set up behind the booth from Belgium so I sat at the table, or command center as Drew called it, and he walked to all of the nearby booths to pick up what we wanted.

I’m writing up posts for each booth but I’ll give you a quick run down. We started with the waffle and chocolates from Belgium and grabbed a mimosa and baklava from Morocco. I have to say that was pretty much the perfect brunch.

Baklava from Morocco

Drew also tried the scallop from New Zealand was brave enough to try the escargot from France. I tried the Eiffel Sour Cosmo Slush from France and I have to say I liked it better than usual drink offerings from France pavilion. Next Drew sampled the mahi mahi from Singapore and the California roll from Japan.

After eating all of that we decided to take a short stroll and set up a new command center in the American Adventure Pavilion. There are several picnic tables set up in the back of the pavilion. Drew again ate a majority of the food, I had a majority of the drinks. He tried out the Florida Local booth, it got rave reviews, Hops & Barley, and Italy. I tried the Red Stag Honey Tea Lemonade from the Fife & Drum Tavern, it was so good, and we tried out the vegetarian option at the Poland booth.

Zapiekanki from Poland

We decided to take a break from the heat and the food and went inside to watch the Voices of Liberty and see the show which is one of our favorites. Afterwards we decided to visit the last two booths we needed to visit on the UK side of the lagoon and set up our command center in the butterfly garden in the UK pavilion. We hit up the Ireland booth and I had what may be my favorite Food and Wine offering, the spanakopita from Greece.

Spanakopita from Greece

As you can probably imagine we were pretty full by this point so we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios for the rest of the day. As it did every afternoon, the sky started to get dark and we knew rain was on the way. Luckily we made it to the car before it started.

Once we got to Hollywood Studios we rode Star Tours, visited One Man’s Dream to get our traditional photos. No matter how often we visit we take each other’s photo in the same spots. I think we need to change up our wardrobe though because I am pretty sure Drew has already worn that shirt for this photo.


Since it was beginning to rain again we went over to the Animation Academy to see if any characters were out. We hit the jack pot and were able to get our photos taken with Gepetto, the Evil Queen, Captain Hook & Smee, Bolt, and Drew’s girlfriend Pocahontas.

No visit to Hollywood Studios is complete with out visiting The Great Movie Ride so we headed over there and it would be distinctly unpatriotic if we didn’t visit MuppetVision 3D.

I love the Cast Members at The Great Movie Ride

Since the park was going to close soon we went over to Toy Story Mania to get in line since fastpasses were long gone by the time we got there. We waited about 40 minutes but had the coolest experience. We were the last people off the ride. Seriously. We had to wait for the wheelchair party in front of us to go through so we could use the accessible ride vehicle. By the time they came back there was no one else in line. We were the only people in the building other than the Cast Members. It was so weird but extremely cool!

After that we took a leisurely stroll out of the park and headed back to our resort. It had been an awesome day but I was ready to curl up with my Dumbo pillow pet and get ready for day number five.

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    Disney on Wheels
    October 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    haha There is no time for sleep at Disney! 🙂

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    Rich T
    October 12, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    You had me worried in yesterday’s post when you said you were going to “sleep in” for this leg of the trip (Sleep? At Disney? Whaa..?) but 7:00 A.M. and making a rope drop is, indeed, a great morning! That food looks awesome. And being the last one off a ride is wonderfully surreal — I often try to get the last boat on Pirates at DL.

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