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Love Photo Apps Review & Giveaway

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

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I have a confession to make. I am addicted to instagram. At first I really didn’t get it. Or maybe I was just jealous since it was only available to iPhone users. 🙂 But I started my addiction when it finally became available to Android users. Then I had a new problem, I decided to get an iPhone. While some of the apps I used were the same there were sooooo many photo editing apps on my new phone that I had no idea where to start. Luckily Nicole from Sparkly Ever After was there to help with her Love Photo Apps class.

One of the things I was worried about was paying for apps that didn’t end up doing what I thought they did or I was just unhappy with. Nicole had already done all the hard work for me and through the class she shared 13 apps that would help me do everything I wanted. Plus a few things that I didn’t even know I wanted to be able to do. After taking this class you’ll be able to:

  • Add text to your photos in a plethora of fonts
  • Make multiple styles of collages
  • Choose from a library of filters
  • Make your own filters
  • Add light effects, bokeh, sparkles, and more
  • Enhance with labels, shapes and elements
  • Add unique photo effects via different apps
  • Layer techniques from various apps to get the exact look you want

For the class you choose one photo that you will use to edit ten ways during the class. That way you can concentrate on learning and not on choosing a photo. I decided to use a photo I took of Sleeping Beauty Castle when went to Disneyland last year. This is the original photo.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

As you move through the class Nicole has prepared several video lessons to help you learn to navigate each app and use it to edit your photo. First we learned how to add text to our photos.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

Then we moved to collages. This is something I love to use on my blog. The apps Nicole choose were awesome and I love that I am now able to use more than basic square collages.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

Next was fun with filters! I am a sucker for awesome filters and I freely admit I spend way to much time choosing which one I want to use on a particular photo. One of the apps for this part of the course allows you to add multiple filters with out having to save the photo multiple times. Love it!

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

The fourth part of the class is all about photo effects. I fell in love with the app that allows you to add lighting and bokeh. Some of the effects allow you to move them around so you can place them exactly where you want them on your photo.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

For your final project you can combine any of the apps that you used during the class to create a photo. It was fun going back and figuring out what I liked putting together and what really worked nicely.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Love Photo Apps

I had so much fun with the Love Photo Apps class. I learned a ton and Nicole makes learning really easy. I feel so much more confident about my photos now and I think my instagram feed will be a lot more fun thanks to her. You can check out her Love Photo Apps class on Skillshare.


  1. HeidiPortzlineStrawser

    Holy crap!  Those effects are awesome!  And I am jealous.  I, of course, haven’t gotten into instagram because I don’t have an iPhone or an Android and it doesn’t work with the iPad.  I love what you’ve learned to do with your photos though – that is so amazing!

  2. RoeMo326

    Just entered! Thanks for sharing this great giveaway, Melissa! 🙂

  3. Seriously!  I need to take this class.  It amazes me with what you can do now with a phone.  I still just take poorly lit grainy photos.

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