November 2012 Trip Report – Day 4

January 14, 2013

This day was supposed to be the day we visited Castaway Cay, something that we had both been looking forward to. But if you read my last trip report then you know that Drew had gotten really sick and we were asked not to visit the island or any of the restaurants on board. In fact, if we would just stay in our stateroom that would be great. We completely understood but that didn’t make it any easier.

Cheese plate from room service.

Luckily Drew was feeling better but the first part of our day was a little boring. But we tried really hard to make the best of a not so fun situation. We had breakfast in our room and he was able to eat for the first time in 24 hours. I couldn’t believe how much better he was. Which made staying in our room that much harder. Lunch was also from room service. We watched a few movies, took a nap, and counted the minutes until we were cleared to leave. It was seriously the longest day ever.

But here is where things get better! It was Pirate Night on the ship so before dinner we went to meet Captain Jack Sparrow. He was fun and awesome and finally put a smile back on our faces.

First time meeting Captain Jack.

We were having dinner at the Royal Palace that night but it was a pirate themed menu. It wasn’t my favorite meal of the trip but we were so happy to be there it didn’t really matter. We even bought the light up pirate glasses to celebrate.

Our light up souvenir glasses.

We missed the first pirate show of the evening, Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean. Our dinner ran late and we were not going to skip dessert after everything else we had missed. So we took our time and then went to meet a few characters in their pirate gear. Chip and Dale were awesome as always and Daisy was as stylish as ever. We also met the Captain of the Dream in the atrium.

Pirate Chip & Dale

Captain of the Disney Dream

We went ahead and went up to Deck 11 to get a good spot for the next show and fireworks. It was really nice just being out in the fresh air again. Drew went and got us drinks and we watched Muppet Treasure Island while we waited for the nights festivities to begin.

Muppets in the Caribbean!

The show that is before the Buccaneer Blast fireworks features a group of pirates and Captain Jack. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend checking it out. The story line ties in to the fireworks being shot off. And I have to say fireworks at sea are pretty cool.

Great spot for the show.

Captain Jack

Pirates in the Caribbean

We skipped out on the Club Pirate festivities and made our way back to our stateroom. The day didn’t start off great but the good news was that Drew felt 100% better, we had a great evening, and we still had one more day left on the Dream.

Towel monkey waiting for us in our stateroom.

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