Disney After Dark

Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade

This month’s topic is something I enjoy talking about with others, what do you do at Disney at night besides watching fireworks. I love the fireworks at Walt Disney World, Wishes will make me cry every time and Illuminations is just beautiful. But I usually only like watching them once every trip and sometimes, we even skip them all together. So what do we do instead? Here is our top 3 things do to at Disney after dark.

Hit the Attractions

Cinderella Castle

While everyone else is watching the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom we like to spend that time riding the attractions. Tomorrowland is beautiful at night. On our trip in April of 2010 we were able to ride almost every attraction in Tomorrowland in just a few hours. We also love heading to Fantasyland. We were able to watch Mickey’s PhilharMagic in a theater that was almost empty, it was so much fun!

Visit the Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Gingerbread Tree at the Contemporary Resort
Gingerbread Tree at the Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary is a fun resort to visit at night. You can head up to the Outer Rim or the lounge at The Wave, order an appetizer and have one of their signature drinks. If visiting a bar isn’t for you can grab a cupcake at the Contempo Cafe and head out to the observation deck to watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. You can also visit the beach to catch the Electrical Water Pageant. It’s also fun to visit during the holidays to see the gingerbread display.

So This is What My Room Looks Like

Polynesian Resort Room

After a long day at the parks sometimes its nice just to head back to the room. One night after dinner in Epcot we decided that if we stayed to view Illuminations we were tired enough to sleep through the fireworks. So at 7:00 we headed back to our resort. We usually spend every waking minute in the parks so this was new for us. We showered, got in our pajamas, and enjoyed some Phineas and Ferb before heading off to sleep. I can honestly say it ended up being one of the best nights of our trip.


  1. Corinna

    I think Main Street at night is one of the most magical places ever! It looks extraordinary, and I’ve never even seen it during Christmas. I’ve been to Disney 3 times, but I’m hoping our next trip will be during October. I’ve wanted to see the characters dressed up for way too long.

  2. It’s crazy.. since I’ve started going with a kid, 8:30 is a late night.. we saw Illuminations once on our last trip, but normally we’re back in bed before the fireworks even start!

  3. What great ideas! The only time we’ve visited the Polynesian was at night and it was SO PRETTY with all the torches lit up, etc. Definitely something we’ll do again sometime.

  4. Mrs. Mommy MouseEars

    Love all the suggestions! And I have to agree…sometimes you just need to recharge 🙂

  5. I too love the parks after dark. It just looks so much more magical:)

  6. I love MK after dark. I have several pictures of Tomorrowland after dark from our last trip. I also love the Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise after dark. I don’t know why but the rides just seem different.

  7. Our kids are getting old enough to enjoy the later nights, but on our first couple trips your last option was the only option for us after dark 😉 I really like riding the attractions while the crowds are watching the fireworks too!

  8. I have always liked the idea of riding rides during Wishes but the moment I hear the music start I HAVE to stop and watch the fireworks. BUT any night that ends with Phineas and Ferb is a great evening.

  9. I also am a lover of Tomorrowland at night. And I agree with you, sometimes I restful night at the hotel can be just as fun as the parks…

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