Land of Oz Garden

Land of Oz Garden Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

We just missed being able to attend Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival this trip (although we did get to see lots of topiaries.) But we did get to check out the Land of Oz Garden.

We entered from Future World where the area has a circus theme. There are a few tents set up with carnival games.

The first is ring toss, which I am terrible at. But I still won a seed packet just for trying.

Next up were the fun house mirrors.

The last game was pie toss. Again, I was terrible but Drew did pretty well. You get a pin after this game.

As you transition from the circus area you come to a photo op with the hot air balloon.

Your next stop is the Land of Oz. The flowers were beautiful and I loved the glass poppies.

The yellow brick road leads you to a play area.

Underneath where the hot air balloon crashed is a seating area that is nice and shady. The chairs also looked pretty comfortable.

There are a few more photo ops along the way and some more flowers.

Your journey through Oz ends with an archway advertising the film.

I’m a Wizard of Oz fan, from the original books and film to everything Wicked related so I’m excited about the new movie. I think the Land of Oz Garden is a nice addition to this years festival. You can visit the merry old Land of Oz until the festival concludes on May 19th.


  1. Rich T

    This is soooo much nicer than what they did to promote the film at DCA (where they hijacked the Muppet theater to show a preview). Now, *this* actually makes me want to see the movie! I’m an Oz fan, too — Are you as happy as I am that the porcelain China Country is in the film? I’m hoping to see Kalidahs!

  2. MouseFanDiane

    I loved this garden, The glass poppies were so beautiful.. Sorry I missed you this trip 🙂

  3. DisneyDayByDay

    Looks like some fun games. Great pictures!

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