Kill Refurb Marry

It’s time for Kill, Refurb, Marry with Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and Melissa from Mouse on the Mind. This month’s topic is Disney Parks Transportation. I thought this one would be easy but nope. Not easy. Also, I may be cheating but I didn’t actually kill anything this month. So here goes.

Refurb – Walt Disney World Monorail


I love Disney’s monorail. We seem to always take a ride even when we don’t necessarily need to. There is just something about hearing “Please Stand Clear of the Doors” that makes my Disney loving heart happy.

But my beloved monorail could use a little love, mostly just basic wear and tear issues. And I don’t know how it could happen but it would be awesome if there were a couple of spots for wheelchairs to actually park next to some of the seating. The ramps they use to get on and off are great and the Cast Members are always so helpful and friendly. It would just be nice to not be stuck in the middle occasionally. Especially when the monorail is packed. Also, can we get a couple more elevators like the one at the Epcot Station. Some of those ramps are brutal! 🙂

Bridesmaid – Friendship Boats

Friendship Boats

We’ve stayed at the Epcot resorts a few times and tend to walk over taking the Friendship Boats because it’s a little faster. But when we’ve had a long day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or we just need to take a break from the crowds, Friendship Boats are perfect. I love the ride from Epcot to Hollywood Studios. It really does seem to take forever with all of the stops but sometimes you just need to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Marry – Magic Kingdom Ferries

Magic Kingdom Ferry

This is our preferred way to travel to the Magic Kingdom if we drive to the Ticket and Transportation Center for several reasons. Using a wheelchair, it can be a little easier to take the ferry over the monorail. Also ferries are a novelty to us since we live in an area without a lot of public transportation. I also love the ride from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom. The views of the Polynesian and Grand Floridian, seeing the Contemporary in the distance, and then seeing the Main Street Train Station and seeing Cinderella Castle get closer and closer make me tear up a little almost every time.

Magic Kingdom Ferry

So what are your favorite modes of transportation at the Disney Parks? Make sure to check out all of the blogs linked up and add your own. And thank you to Melissa and Estelle for hosting and always having such awesome topics!

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