Instagram + Android | Apps for Photo Editing

Instagram + Android | Apps for Photo Editing

Instagram + Android | Apps for Photo Editing

If you are an instagram addict (like me!) but have Android phone it can be hard to find recommendations for apps to edit your photos. When I first downloaded the it I found so many apps, tutorials, and great classes for iPhone users but not a lot of information for Android users. After some trial and error I discovered a few apps that I really loved and I was able to make some really cool edits using my Samsung Galaxy. Here are a few of my favorites.



Snapseed is my favorite app on both Android and IOS. It’s great for basic editing, cropping, and just about everything else. It’s the one app that I consider a must have so if you don’t use anything else grab this one.

Afterlight Photo Edit


Afterlight is my go to app for filters. If you have a photo that you don’t want to crop into a square it also has a frame that will allow you to keep it as is by adding bars either vertically or horizontally like the photo above. Afterlight isn’t free but I think it’s worth the 99 cents. There are also some in app purchases but you have plenty to work with without having to buy anything else.



PicsArt Edit


I use PicsArt a lot too. It does a lot of basic adjustments to your photos and it is what I typically use to make collages. You have to use a lot to get the feel of it but once you do it won’t take you much time at all to create some cool photos.

LINE Camera Edit

LINE Camera

LINE Camera I mainly use for filters. It also has some frames that I use occasionally and stickers you can add. Some stickers that are free but there a few that you have to purchase. I purchased the Mickey and Minnie pack since I knew I would use them a lot and if you get a different phone you can still use them since the purchase is connected to your Google ID.

PicLab Edit


PicLab has some cool fonts so I use it to add text to my photos. You can add up to four layers of text. This allows you use different fonts and control the placement. There are also several filters (that I don’t use that often) and overlays that I used if I’m editing a photo for Pinterest.

Repix Edit


Repix is my go to app to add some bokah or sparkle because it allows to add it exactly where you want it. Repix also has some cool filters that I have just started exploring. While the app is free you do have to purchase some of the features so try it out and make sure you like it before you purchase any of the add ons.

Several of these apps are also available for iPhone users. You can also check out my post with cell phone photography tips. It also features some app recommendations. Do you have any apps that you love? I’m always looking for new ones to use.


  1. Heidi Strawser

    Thanks for this list. I’m going to check these out. I’m LOVING your new blog theme. It’s so clean and crisp! Makes me feel like mine is too busy!

    • Melissa

      Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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