Feeding Time on the Discovery Island Trails

Discovery Island Trails

One of our favorite places to visit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are the Discovery Island Trails. We love the trails because of the great views of the Animal Kingdom icon but we also love them because of these little guys, the African Crested Porcupines. They are the largest rodents in Africa (I still think they’re cute) but they are nocturnal so they are usually asleep when we stop by.

One afternoon while we were visiting the Cast Members came out to feed the porcupines. There was also another Cast Member on the trails to talk to guests. We were the only one’s around so we not only had a great conversation with the Cast Member but were able to experience something unique, they were awake!

The porcupines are trained to get up and head to a certain spot when they hear a clicker. Each porcupine has their own spot so they don’t end up fighting for food.

Mom was the most cooperative. When she hears the click she comes out and goes to her rock. Once she places her feet on the rock she gets a treat. The Cast Members have to use a plastic shield so their legs aren’t accidently injured by her quills.

If you haven’t visited the Discovery Island Trails, I really encourage you to. You can get to this area by walking toward Africa and taking a right just before the bridge. It is just past the ice cream kiosk. Or you can go through the exit of It’s Tough to be a Bug and take the path around the Tree of Life.

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