Artist Point Review

January 22, 2014

Artist Point

Artist Point is a signature restaurant located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. We have always heard good things about it but we had never taken the time to visit. We wanted to see the lodge all decked out for the holidays so it made since to have dinner there too. The decorations were gorgeous and we have a great time at Artist Point.

Wilderness Lodge

We started with the artisanal cheese selection as our appetizer. The Reypanaer Gouda VSOP was firm yet creamy and had a light, fruity flavor, the Formage d’Affinois de Brebis is a creamy, yummy sheep’s milk brie, and the Rogue River Blue Cheese was a strong blue cheese (which I loved) with a hint of nutty flavors. I’m not a cheese expert by any means but we loved the selections.

Artist Point

Artisanal Cheese Selection

The cedar plank-roasted king salmon is a dish Artist Point is known for so Drew wanted to give it a try. It came with rainbow cauliflower, root spinach, lemon-butter sauce, applewood-smoked bacon jam, and short rib strudel. It was cooked perfectly and he loved it. I’m not really sure what smoked bacon jam is but he really enjoyed that too. The short rib strudel was more like an egg roll but Drew didn’t have any complaints and said he would definitely the salmon again.

Artist Point

Cedar Plank-Roasted King Salmon

The vegetarian option was goat cheese agnolotti with chanterelle mushrooms, broccolini, red kuri squash, and tomato jam. I love goat cheese so I was really excited to try this dish. The agnolotti (which is a type of ravioli) is hidden under the vegetables but there were four large pieces. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the goat cheese was so yummy. I wasn’t a fan of the tomato jam but the other vegetables were delicious. I had never tried red kuri squash before but I need to find a way to. Loved it!

Artist Point

Goat Cheese Agnolotti

The Artist Point cobbler has a great reputation but we decided so try something different, the fresh lemon curd with pistachio nougat truffle and white chocolate foam. Yum! Each item on the plate was separate so you could really layer the flavors to your liking. The white chocolate foam really balanced out the sourness of the lemon curd and the nougat added a nice chewiness to the dish.

Artist Point

Fresh Lemon Curd Pistachio Nougat Truffle and White Chocolate Foam

We didn’t get to see much of the decor. We were seated right inside the entrance and didn’t really explore the restaurant after we finished our meal. While what we saw want the most visually striking, the service and the food more than made up for that. Our server was excellent and was so informative about the menu. And the food was top notch. We definitely have a new favorite and I can’t wait to visit again.

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    January 23, 2014 at 10:58 am

    Your meal looks really yummy!  I’m not a vegetarian, but that looks like a dish I’d really enjoy.  We aren’t fancy eaters around here, so we tend to stick to the establishments with more traditional foods that my kids will actually eat (oh, and Brian too!)

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