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Accessible Room at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Accessible Room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort

We haven’t stayed at one of Disney’s All-Star Resorts in a really long time. I wouldn’t say we were avoiding them but a visiting wasn’t a top priority. But for our last visit we decided to check out an accessible room at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it.

All Star Music Accessible Room

We stayed in a preferred room with two double beds and a roll-in shower. Typically we book a king bed but I wanted to see how much space there would be with the two beds. Our room was on the first floor in Calypso Building 10. I really liked the location. It was on the back side of the building so we didn’t hear noise from the pool (if you look on this map we were near where the number 10 is) but we were still close to the main building. Parking was also close by. We were near where they bring the housekeeping carts out but we were always awake before we could hear them moving around.

Accessible Room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort

The room was set up differently that an accessible room with a king bed. There was less space around the door but still enough to get in and out easily. There isn’t any furniture along the wall near the door which makes it a good spot for storage and there is an outlet available.

Accessible Room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort

The bed closest to the door was lower so I could get in and out of it on my own. There was enough space on both sides for me to get to the bed as well. The refrigerator sits between the beds and the phone and alarm clock are on top. There were some outlets behind it that we used to charge our phones. The refrigerator does make some noise so take that into consideration if you are a light sleeper.

The dresser had plenty of storage and was easy to get to. There are small shelves on the side that you can also use. The table is pretty small. We mostly just used it and there chairs to store items so they didn’t end up in the floor.

All Star Music Accessible Room

In the king rooms we have been in the bathroom is usually spilt. The sink and closet are in one spot and the toilet and shower are behind the door. The room with double beds was completely different. The closet was next to the second bed. It was small but it did have a lowered shelf and luggage rack. There was enough space for me to get to it if I really wanted to but I just sat my suitcase at the end of the bed.

The bathroom wasn’t split and is more like what you find at a moderate resort. It wasn’t quite as nice but I really like the set up. There was lots of space and the sink was easy to use.

All Star Music Accessible Room

The shower was also nicer. The showers I’ve used at Pop Century are more open and water can easily get everywhere. This one was more like an actual shower and was really easy to use.

Accessible Room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort

The room was small and it might be a little crowded with four people in the room. But it was set up nicely and is workable if you are planning a short trip or you need a cheaper option. We really did enjoy our stay and will definitely stay here again the future.

Accessible Room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort - Rolling with the Magic


  1. Marie on May 17, 2019 at 11:32 am

    A few years ago, after an injury, where my leg was pushed out of position, and I was walking funny, and my balance was screwed up, I got rooms at All Star Sports and Movies resorts. The rooms were about $20-30 less, depending on season.
    The tub rooms, had hand trails around 3 sides ( Epson salt baths good after long park jaunts) , and the shower units had minimized bed.
    Now I have permanent disabilities, but the All Star handicap rooms now cost more, than a standard room, and I am on a fixed income, so usually just get a standard room rate, most times I don’t even make it to the park.
    The walk is just too inaccessible.

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