Primeval Whirl is located in Dinoland U.S.A at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I experienced it for the first time in January, mostly so I could share what I thought about the accessibility with you guys. This is the first attraction in the series that I am not really sure that I should classify it as accessible.

At Primeval Whirl you go for a spin in a “time machine”. The ride vehicles are located on two separate tracks. When we tried to ride it the first time only one track was open and the accessible car wasn’t on that track. The Cast Members were all really nice though and we were given a FASTPASS to come back at any time that day to try again.

When we came back we were finally able to try it out. The only thing different about it is that the door is a little wider, which made it a little easier to get to the seat. The way the ride vehicles are made I don’t know that they could do anything more but it would have been nice to know that the door was the only thing that was different.

The ride vehicle pictured above is the regular one (we snapped this earlier in the day and Drew had to help me get in so he couldn’t get a picture of the accessible one.) The left side of the door is a little more open on the accessible ride vehicle making the seat more visible. Drew still had to help by basically picking me up and he had to do the same to help me out.

Was it fun? Yes. Will I do it again? No. I really don’t feel it would be worth the effort to experience again but I am glad that I gave it a try. If you would like to see what the attraction is like my friend at The Info Mouse has a video on YouTube.


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  1. Waymire-family-01 on April 29, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Just thought I would also mention that this ride is extremely rough. It is definitely an “old school” carnival ride, lots of sudden changes of direction, jerks, and bumps. You really have to wedge yourself into the seat, hang on, and expect to be sliding into your fellow passengers, or the sides of the seat. It’s a lot of fun if you like that sort of thing, but for anyone who has a physical condition that would cause pain or damage from rough handling I would not recommend it.

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