The Land Pavilion

Living with the Land is one of the easiest attractions to board if you are a wheelchair user. Below is what you can expect going through the queue, boarding, on the attraction, and exiting.

The Basics

Location: Epcot’s Future World in the Land Pavilion
Height Requirement: Guests Can Be Any Height
Accessibility: Must Transfer from ECV to Wheelchair, No Transfer Required for Wheelchair
FastPass+: Available
Who Should Ride: Great for all ages


This is one of the few attractions that has an alternate entrance for wheelchairs. It is the same as the FastPass line and is to the right of the standard queue. When you approach the entrance a Cast Member will point you in the right direction.

Living with the Land

If the wait is short they will send you right through. On the rare occasion that there is a long wait you will have to get a return time. You can also schedule a FastPass. It’s a good use of a tier 2 FastPass if you are going during a busy time of year or if you aren’t interested in attraction where you have to transfer like Mission: SPACE or Spaceship Earth.

Living with the Land

The wheelchair/ FastPass queue is shorter than the standard queue and only has few switchbacks to go through. When you get to the loading area a Cast Member will ask how many are in your party and if you want to stay in your wheelchair.

Living with the Land

Once the accessible boat arrives you will be directed a line to board. Wait times can vary. The posted wait time is typically not very long but you may have to wait for the wheelchair boat to cycle through.

Ride Vehicle

The boats are very easy to get in and out of using a wheelchair. A Cast Member will remove the railing on the side. The boat the same height as the boarding platform so it is nice and flat and easy to board. There is a big spot for your wheelchair and a bench for someone to ride next to you. The rest of your party will be seated in front of you. Make sure to put on your brakes and take any backpacks that aren’t medically necessary off of your wheelchair.

Living with the Land

This is a video we took of me getting onto the boat a few years ago. It’s not the best but it does give you an idea of what it’s like to board. We’re working on bringing you guys new (and better) videos.


The ride itself is very smooth and slow. There are a few bumps at the end when you get back to the loading area but as long as your brakes are on you’ll be fine. The exit is close by and it puts you near the elevator if you are ready to leave the pavilion.


We love this attraction. I remember riding as a kid and it’s on our must do list every trip. It is so easy to board and exit plus it’s just a cool attraction!

Living with the Land

And if you have a reservation at the Garden Grill, you’ll get to see some of the fruit and veggies you’ll be eating. If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend an event at Disney Springs. I was also given complementary tickets to visit the parks for one day. Travel expenses and our hotel were at our own cost. As always, all opinions are my own!

Accessible Disney Attractions - Living with the Land

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