Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Universe of Energy

Universe of Energy

UPDATE – Ellen’s Energy Adventure closed in 2017. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Ellen’s Energy Adventure is located in the Universe of Energy pavilion in Epcot’s Future World. It was one of my favorite attractions as a kid (who doesn’t love dinosaurs) and it is still on our must do list when we visit Walt Disney World because of the wheelchair accessibility of the ride vehicle.

The Basics

Location: Epcot’s Future World in the Universe of Energy
Height Requirement: Guests Can Be Any Height
Accessibility: Must Transfer from ECV to Wheelchair, May Remain in Wheelchair
FastPass+: Not Available
Who Should Ride: Great for all ages but keep in mind the entire experience takes 45 minutes.

Universe of Energy


There isn’t a queue for the attraction. You wait in a large theater that only has a few seats located along the walls. I would recommend staying towards the back of the theater. The theater is dark so it’s easy for someone to bump into if they come in late.

Staying in the back allows you to see the screens without having to look up and strain your neck. You also don’t have to worry about rolling away and there is better lighting towards the back. This is one of the attractions where the pre-show is important to the story of the rest of the attraction. You meet Ellen and as she falls asleep watching Jeopardy, you begin your journey.

Ride Vehicle

Universe of Energy

Once the pre-show is over you head into another room where the ride vehicles are located. The back of the vehicles have a ramp that folds down so you can stay in your wheelchair.

Universe of Energy | Ellen's Energy Adventure

The Cast Members will pull the ramp down for you. The rest of your party will board first and sit in the row next to you. A Cast Member will help you up the ramp if. The attraction is slow moving so there aren’t any restraints for your wheelchair. Just maker sure to put your brakes on to be safe.

Universe of Energy

Once the ride is over, a Cast Member will return to lower the ramp and help you back out of the ride vehicle.


Universe of Energy | Ellen's Energy Adventure

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a long attraction. It lasts a total of 45 minutes (pre-show plus the ride portion) so plan accordingly. Ellen’s Energy Adventure has a high ride capacity so the only wait is usually is not typically very long. You just need to time it so you get into the pre-show and don’t wait any outside. If the show has already started I would recommend coming back later.

Universe of Energy | Ellen's Energy Adventure

There are always lots of rumors floating around about what may be happening at Universe of Energy and Ellen’s Energy Adventure. It’s the attraction in Epcot that everyone is expecting to change in the near future. If you don’t know what’s going on or want some great commentary I suggest checking out WDWThemeParks.com and Disney Tourist Blog.

Have you experienced Ellen’s Energy Adventure? Is it on your Epcot to do list? Let us know in the comments!

Accessible Disney Attractions - Ellen's Energy Adventure


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