60 Days to 60 Years at Disneyland

Limited Time Magic ran through the entire calendar year of 2013. Some lasted a week, a few a little longer, and some even lasted just one day. There was even some cool merchandise to go along with the promotion. The Disney Parks Blog announced each event on Friday. Here are some of the highlights (and events I wish I could have attended!)

A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Review


Along with some surprises at the Three Kings Day celebration, “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Review” kicked off the Limited Time Magic at Disneyland. It was an homage to the show that Walt enjoyed himself and was hosted by Miss Lily and her Saloon Girls. The show had song and dance numbers like “Hello, Everybody,” “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” “Belly up to the Bar” and “Can-Can.”

New Orleans Bayou Bash!


The Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite Disney movies and I LOVE the music. For select days (around Mardi Gras) the New Orleans Bayou Bash took place in New Orleans Square. Princess Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration made it’s way through the square, the Jambalaya Jazz Band, the Royal Street Bachelors, and a traditional New Orleans Jazz band performed during the day, and Princess Tiana along with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy in their Mardi Gras finest greeted guests.

True Love Week


Love. True love. I adore the dress Minnie Mouse wore.

Long Lost Friends Week

This was probably the coolest “Limited Time Magic” event. I love meeting Disney characters and when I get to meet someone that isn’t out that often I feel like a 8 year old. We met Roger Rabbit at Disneyland for the Springtime Roundup this year and I couldn’t stop smiling because younger me would have freaked out.


Disney Parks Blog readers were able to vote on the characters they wanted to see. In April 2013, Esmerelda, Clopin, and Frollo from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko and Governor Ratcliffe from “Pocahontas”, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham from “Robin Hood”, and Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake greeted guests. There were also additional characters like Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from “Sleeping Beauty”, Ping and Mushu from “Mulan”, Lilo & Stich, and the gang from Peter Pan at different times so you could go back and meet someone new.


The event was so popular that they brought it back in August with Hercules and Megara, Merlin from “The Sword in the Stone”, Tarzan, Jane, Terk, and more.

End of Summer Parties

Donald and Daisy at Paradise Pier

This wasn’t the most exciting “Limited Time Magic” event but it’s one that I actually got to see in person. We visited the Disneyland Resort for the first time in August of 2013. At Disney California Adventure on Paradise Pier, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, and Chip & Dale were meeting in their summer gear. There were also some Boardwalk performers entertaining guests.

Unleash the Villains


Unleash the Villains took place on Friday the 13th. The video above is from Fresh Baked Disney and does a good job of highlighting the craziness. Town Square had villains like Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts greeting guests, a dance party, Halloween-themed projections, and there was villain themed treats and merchandise. Fresh Baked Disney has some great videos that show the craziness of the event if you want to check them out.

Disney ¡Viva Navidad!


This event looked like so much fun! “Several times each day, a high-energy street party takes over Paradise Gardens, led by the “Three Caballeros” – Donald Duck and his life-long amigos Panchito from Mexico and Jose Carioca from Brazil. The infectious mix of Mariachi and Samba musicians, folklórico and carnaval dancers, 12-foot-tall mojiganga puppets and those ambassadors of holiday cheer, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, will really get the crowd going, as Santa and Mrs. Claus join in to cheer and celebrate “¡Viva Navidad!””

Limited Time Magic Logo

If you want to relive a little more of the “Limited Time Magic” check out the Disney Parks Blog.

60 Days to 60 Years

Did you check out any of these events? Which were your favorites? Make sure to visit these other great sites to relive more Disneyland history in the 60 Days to 60 Years series.


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